Mounting the strings

The Tempera Strings are mounted very similar to any other string, but unlike conventional strings, the Tempera Strings are threaded through the hole of your tailpiece from above.


Take care not to bend the string too much when pulling through. You can use both hands for that. The loop is attached to the tailpiece and the string then holds itself like here:


It is extremely important that the string does not touch the pegbox. DSC_5348

It is not necessary to wind the string too often around the peg simply make a loop so when tuning up the string goes over itself and fixes itself to the peg so it can not slip through. DSC_5345

Sliding performance can be improved with graphite (soft pencil) so the windings don't get damaged on the bridge.

Same can be done on the nut. DSC_5341

Have fun with your Tempera Strings!


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